Secure Your Future with IndiaFirst Life Insurance 2023

Secure Your Future with IndiaFirst Life Insurance : Guaranteed Benefit Plan

Preparing for a financially secure future is a crucial step, and the IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan offers a strategic solution to ensure your financial well-being. This illustration highlights the benefits of this plan, providing insight into the financial support it can offer you and your loved ones.

Annualised Premium vs. Benefits Illustration (Secure)

  • You Get: ₹3,557,250
  • You Pay: ₹1,800,000

Disclaimer: This visual benefit illustration showcases the year-wise premiums and policy benefits for your reference.

About IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan

IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan is a non-linked, non-cooperative, limited premium, endowment life insurance system intended to convey financial prudence.

Key Highlights:

  • Lumpsum Benefit Sum Assured: ₹3,557,250
  • Sum Assured on Death: ₹3,600,000 (at policy inception)
  • Riders Opted: Not Applicable

Premium Summary:

  • Instalment Premium (Without GST): ₹360,000
  • Instalment Premium (With First Year GST): ₹376,200
  • Instalment Premium (With GST 2nd Year Onwards): ₹368,100

Policy Benefits Year-wise:

  • Year 1: You Get: ₹3,557,250 | You Pay: ₹360,000
  • Year 2: You Get: ₹3,557,250 | You Pay: ₹360,000
  • Year 3: You Get: ₹3,557,250 | You Pay: ₹360,000

Important Notes:

  1. Please consult our “Insurance Consultant” for clarifications on this illustration.
  2. Premium may contain added premium, frequency loading, extension premium and GST restriction.
  3. Refer to sales leaflets for explanation of capacity and further processing details.
  4. According to the popular tax regulation, the premium may be personal for tax benefits.
  5. The benefits under the policy are tax fringe benefit and not subject to economic laws.
  6. Surrender Value is payable if first two years’ premiums are paid in full.
  7. Surrender benefit is little more than guaranteed surrender value and outstanding surrender value.
  8. The Company may charge extra premium subject to underwriting.
  9. This benefit illustration is based on suitability assessment.


  1. With an annualized premium of ₹360,000, you receive a substantial guaranteed benefit of ₹3,557,250. This means your investment not only grows but provides you with a significant return.
  2. The plan’s affordability is a key highlight. By paying a reasonable premium, you can avail a considerable guaranteed benefit. The option to pay premiums yearly further enhances its convenience.
  3. The plan offers a sum assured on death of ₹3,600,000 right from the inception of the policy. This ensures your loved ones are financially secure in case of any unfortunate event.
  4. The policy offers various options for insuring family members, including self, spouse, children, and parents. This flexibility allows you to extend the benefits to your entire family.
  5. The initial years have a GST rate of 4.50% p.a., while subsequent years see a reduced rate of 2.25% p.a. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits without the burden of high GST charges.

Understanding the Policy’s Structure:

The policy covers a period of 15 years, making it a large term loan that makes your future constructively achievable. With a premium payment limit of 5 years, you can easily manage your financial obligations. This balanced structure ensures you’re not burdened with premium payments for an extended period.

Guaranteed Benefits Over the Times

The benefits of the IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan grow significantly over the times. Starting from time 1, where you admit a guaranteed benefit of ₹ against a decoration of ₹ 360,000, the posterior times continue to offer an seductive proposition. This progressive increase in benefits showcases the plan’s commitment to securing your fiscal future.

Expert Guidance and Support

When you choose IndiaFirst, you are not just investing in a plan, but you are also gaining access to expert advice and support. A company’s personality as a platinum insurance associate speaks volumes about its duties to prioritize your claims and experience claims perfection.


Investing in the IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan is a step towards securing your financial future and that of your loved ones. With its assured benefits, affordability, and expert support, this plan is designed to provide you with peace of mind and financial stability. Take an excited step towards your future and make IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Profit Plan your specialty for tomorrow on deck.

Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned above are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in this blog post are based on the information available at the time of writing and are subject to change. Please visit website for the most up-to-date information.

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